Yama Photos was founded in 2015 by two Italian photographers: Marco Brienza and Simone Giovanni Colombo. Marco and Simone, both originally from the Lake Como region, met at IIF (Italian Institute of Photography) in the fall of 2009 and in a short space of time developed great respect for each other’s photography. However, at the end of the academic year they took different paths, Simone moving to Tuscany and Marco starting working in Milan. A few months later, their paths crossed again, when they decided to leave together for one month photographic journey on board of the Trans-Asian Express, a Turkish/Iranian train, leaving from Istanbul and with Tehran as its final destination. The experience was a great success and in December 2014 they decided to visit Morocco together, travelling for more than 3000 km. It was after this trip that they realised that they were ready to embark upon a long-term collaboration that would try to tell the story of the countries they visited, that would describe the many dynamics they encountered not only in their journeys but also in their everyday lives, and that would communicate their shared love for photography. And so Yama Photos was founded.

Yama Photos

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