Marco Brienza // Founded Yama Photos in 2015
Como, 1985.
His conscious approach to photography started at the age of 19 when he attended the paralympic club Briantea84. He felt the desire, the need, to tell what he was experiencing. In 2009 he was admitted to Italian Institute of Photography in Milan with a scholarship. From that moment he never stopped, spending intensive years studying technique, history and design. In 2011 he founded Sfelab, a company that deals with design and visual communication.
Simone Giovanni Colombo // Founded Yama Photos in 2015
Lecco, 1984.
He received his first camera in 1999, a PETRI 7s, which was his mother’s very first camera when she was 18 in 1971. He attended university and photography school in Milan, where he met Marco, then he moved to Tuscany and then Rome. He is a keen supporter of photography as form of therapy. When he don’t know how to express something by words, there he move on to pictures. In 2017 he move back to Lecco, his hometown, not far from Marco's place and close to Yama project, onces again.

Associate photographers

Mattia Marzorati // Joined Yama Photos in 2017
Cantù, 1992.
After several volunteer experiences around the world, in 2015 he took part to the international civil service and he spent one year in Cajamarca, on Peruvian Andes. He start discovering photography there, attracted by the social and artistic potential of the medium. In 2016 he decided to enroll the professional photography course at the Ampliadora school in Granada. Now Mattia is attending the photojournalism and reportage course at International Center of Photography and Cinema in Madrid.

Yama Photos

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